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Instructor / Administrator

Hiram Dalton


Instructor / Administrator for Time Is Now Education Center.  I am responsible for day to day fiscal management, oversight, class schedules, and provide the instructional component of all classes that are offered.  All classes are Texas State Approved. I'm currently working for Texas Juvenile Justice Department for over 20 years, as a Juvenile Parole Specialist, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Monitoring & Inspections. Educational background, I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor - Intern. With numerous years of Criminal Law experience.


I am a Louisiana native, Louisiana is known as “who Dat Nation”  If your ever in Louisiana three things to do: Go to a New Orleans Saints football game, take part in a Seafood Boil, and eat at least one bowl of "Sea Food Gumbo". “Trust me”!

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